Mission, Vision, & Values


The mission of the UAMS Center for Health Literacy is to improve society and population health by making health information easy to understand and use.

To achieve this mission, the CHL’s objectives are focused on the following:

  1. Plain language services for providers, health systems, health insurance industry, health agencies, and individuals in communities to address the critical need of closing the gap between the level of written/media health information and individuals’ abilities to understand and act on it;
  2. Promoting, through training and consultation, health literacy best practices for providers, organizations, and systems;
  3. Empirical and theoretical research to better understand health literacy, how it contributes to health outcomes and evidence for how to improve it.

These objectives are framed by the three arms of the CHL, health literacy services and training, health literacy research, and health literacy policy initiatives. Our keys to success are unique expertise, creative service delivery through innovative models that include non-profit and private national partners–as well as students, and broad access to our customers.


Our vision is to become the world’s leading source of health literacy research, training, services, and outreach to enable providers and consumers of health information to work together to achieve better health.

Core Values

  • Better health care and patient experiences
  • Improved population and society health
  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Engaged patients and communities
  • Education and research